1.  Please let me know who introduced you to Christine Fitzgerald, REALTOR?  Who can I thank for this introduction?


2.  Tell me about you and your interest in purchasing?


3.  What are the most important features you’re looking for?


4.  What are things you do NOT want in a new place?


5.  What are you going to miss about your current neighborhood?


6.  What is your price range?  Have you spoken with a lender?


7.  What is your timeline? 


8.  Tell me about your search for a REALTOR to represent you.  What are you looking for?  What’s most important to you?


9.  Once you buy your place and get settled, what will be the measure of success for you?  In other words, what will make you say, “That was an EXCEPTIONAL experience?”


10.  Is there anything I forgot to ask?  Anything else you can share to help me find your new home?


11.  LAST QUESTION - Would anyone you know benefit from an introduction to Christine Fitzgerald REALTOR? 

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